Privacy Management

We help the individual's privacy protection by offering privacy acts and technical recommendations. We help you to oversight and enforce the personal rights of businesses in the public and the private sectors across Canada.


Your data can be rest unprotect anywhere in our interconnected world, where globalization of data network means no states' jurisdictions. Our independent expertise helps you to reach your objects with novel solutions.


With years of experience in privacy engineering and continued engagement in high-tech solutions. Our knowledge of information and technology infrastructure enables us to make the most responsible decision and provide a protection solution for all businesses.

Where we are

Eirene Labs® headquartered in Montréal, Québec, Canada. We focused our engineering, operations, and product management in Canada. We dedicated to building our business through new research partnerships around the globe, and support new services focus on specific areas of interest in response to industrial and university needs.

About Us

At Eirene Labs®, we build a partnership between academia, industry, and the world to strengthen our knowledge capacities with the complexity of today's information based on a foundation of trust and transparency. We define new operative strategies and training programs to protect the privacy and use of data in universities, companies, and provincial and federal governments based on the prospectives of a new age of modernization toward the benefit of all Canadians.